ALL The Cube Wii and 3DS Bound

FunBox Media plan to bring TV faveourite The Cube to Wii and 3DS this October. If you're a fan of the TV show, you know that the aim of the game is to win seven consecutive challenges chosen by The Cube in order to walk away with the maximum prize of £250,000.

The Cube video games replicate the television show's best known challenges - such as The Cylinder, Fracture and fan-favourite StopZone - and place competitors within the unique environment of The Cube. According to the show's creator Adam Adler "This is the closest anyone can get to the real thing!"

With each of the games worth an increasing amount of money, players must keep their wits in check throughout this high pressure game of mental agility, skill and strategy. And as they weigh up their chances of completing the next challenge, they must remember that one bad decision could leave them with nothing.

The video game features several different modes including three different multi-player options. And there's the ultimate reward - the Extreme Zone - where a series of special games, never seen on TV, await the few players who manage to defeat The Cube.

Have you got what it takes to beat The Cube?

It's the same on your 3DS, although there are a couple of extra challenges and new ways to play. You can even challenge friends and family to see if anyone has what it takes and because you're playing for fun not real cash, you can play as many times as you like.

Use your Touch screen for a fun, challenging and realistic experience of The Cube. Take The Cube on the go and enjoy the challenges in full 3D.


  • Includes both The Voice and The Body featured in the hit TV show
  • Cut scene demonstrations for each challenge
  • Features a total of 33 challenges
  • Extreme mode which features 5 difficult versions of the game's best challenges
  • Profiles letting multiple players track wins and losses
  • Stats for each game showing average wins and lives used
  • Multiplayer Challenge and Head to Head modes
Posted on 02-05-2012 by Andrew


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