ALL Nintendogs + cats demo hitting eShop

The Nintendo eShop is filling up nicely, as Nintendo will release a demo of Nintendogs + cats now too (as well as the usual bunch of downloadable titles, of course).

Nintendogs puppies are back in the palm of your hand on the Nintendo 3DS, and now they are even cuter and more engaging than ever before. And now for the first time they will be joined by kittens! Get an insight into life with a furry friend by your side in Nintendogs + cats demo, available via the Nintendo eShop. Show some love to your pets and they'll begin to recognise you, and make the most of 3D technology by stroking your puppies and kittens under the chin just like in real life.

Get your thinking caps on for puzzle action in 3 Heroes Crystal Soul, available on DSiWare this week. Your challenge is to protect the kingdom of Crystennia, a land that uses Crystal Soul as its main energy source. You are the Crystal Champion and must protect Crystennia by destroying the enemy monsters created by Rune Crystals. Your only chance of success is by defeating the monsters and collecting the natural energy that is released by them.

Another challenging puzzler, Box Pusher, is also available on DSiWare this week. This trickypuzzle game offers a diverse range of challenges across over 250 missions and a huge range of situations. In this classic game, you must master the control of a warehouse worker to push boxes across the building into the correct locations. Make sure you have the best strategy to tackle these complex brain teasers or you could find yourself completely stuck in the middle of the puzzle.

Check out all the other latest offerings which are available for download this Thursday via Nintendo eShop, Nintendo DSi Shop and the Wii Shop Channel.

TitlePlatformAvailable onPrice
Nintendogs + cats Nintendo 3DS demo eShop Free
3 Heroes Crystal Soul DSiWare eShop / DSi Shop €5.00 / 500 DSi Points
Box Pusher DSiWare eShop / DSi Shop €5.00 / 500 DSi Points
Newton Vs The Horde WiiWare Wii Shop Channel 500 Wii Points

Nintendogs + cats

Play with tennis balls, balloons as well as other toys in order to give your pet the love and attention it deserves. Choose from a range of kittens, from pointed oriental kittens to tabby cats. If you're particularly nice to your cat they may even come back with a special gift for you!

3 Heroes Crystal Soul

Use your strategic skills in this diverse puzzle game, featuring RPG elements, as well as the chance to destroy bosses in battle. There is also a whole range of terrain which you will need to dominate and the focus is all on the game, with easy-to-learn controls.

Box Pusher

There are a whole range of options to make this classic puzzle game even better. Take on your friends in multiplayer mode or even make and swap your own levels. Try out the funny animations, zoomable playing area and if you're having difficulties, the unlimited undo option will help with the most challenging of brain-teasers.

Newton Vs The Horde

Science is your friend in Newton Vs The Horde, as you must use physics to splat an evil gang of monsters, who are after your scientist friends, before they get close. Whether you skewer them, squash them, or blow them up, it's up to you to keep the monstrous hoard away from the boffins. Use the Wii Remote to build traps out of everyday objects as well as rope and elastic. If you need a bit of extra firepower, use springs and explosives and really cause some damage. Battle across 30 levels and four zones and try to win the special challenge in each.

Nintendo Video

Exclusively available via Nintendo Video this week is the second in a series of clips from Breakthru Films. Papa's Boy is the story of a little boy mouse called Tiny who lives with his family in the leg of an old Grand Piano, located in the centre of a quiet toy Store. Tiny dreams of being a dancer, but his disappointed father would like him to follow in his footsteps as a boxer. One day when Papa Mouse leaves their home in the leg of a piano, a huge, fat Cat pounces on him. Tiny and his mother are terrified. In the face of this terrible danger, will boxing fists or the power of the pirouette be more effective? This clip was produced as part of The Flying Machine series of original short films and features an original recording of Frederyk Chopin's Opus 25, No. 9 performed by the World famous pianist Lang Lang.

Available again this week is the second instalment of a two part episode of Kirby: "Right back at Ya!" which is a Kirby TV animation made specially in 3D for Nintendo 3DS. It stars all of your favourite Kirby characters as they battle King Dedede and a giant Lobzilla who have set out to destroy Kirby.
The demo of nintendogs + cats is not specific to nintendogs + cats Golden Retriever & New Friends, but is linked to this title on Nintendo eShop. It is not available through the Title Information pages of French Bulldog & New Friends or Toy Poodle & New Friends versions.

Posted on 20-02-2012 by Dennis


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