3DS FunBox Media to Distribute MYST 3D in Europe

We brought you news, some time ago that theclassic adventure MYST was getting a makeover for the 3DS and while there was a US publisher there were still no takers to distribute the game in Europe. FunBox Media have now stepped in and we should all be pointing and clicking sometime this June.

The new Myst for Nintendo 3DS introduces the first-person fantasy universe to players not yet acquainted with the series, and gives veteran gamers extra content to explore with new landscapes and with the RIME Age added to enhance the Myst storyline. As in the original Myst, players will solve puzzles, explore their surroundings and interact with items and objects that deliver clues from which players must piece together answers in order to move ahead and solve the mysteries that lie within.

While Myst for Nintendo 3DS stays true to the original game's model, the upcoming addition takes the classic journey to a new level with sharp 3D environments which even further transport players into the enigma the game creates.

The game begins as the book of Myst has just been finished and the reader finds himself in the unusual world described within the book's pages. Exploration begins immediately, as players wander around in an attempt to figure out where they are, and more importantly, why they have landed on the cryptic island of Myst.

Posted on 15-02-2012 by Andrew


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