ALL THQ getting out of publishing Licensed Kids Games

THQ has announced they will no longer be published licensed kids games.

The company is will instead be focusing on "core" titles and digital platform services.

The news comes after Saints Row: The Third shipped 3.8 million units, which was dubbed a success by the CEO. Brian Farrel CEO of THQ said that "THQ will be a more streamlined organization focused on our strongest franchises. The success of Saints Row: The Third is an example of what our revised strategy and focus can achieve."

This announcement comes after weeks of rumours and speculation that THQ is canceling their 2014+ titles and trying to look for a buyer. It is unknown if these rumours are true, however around the same time as this news broke a letter sent to the company's board of directors calling out the publisher was released by a supposed former employee.

It is expected that THQ will talk more about the new streamlined approach of their company early next month.

Posted on 27-01-2012 by Trent


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