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We've already mentioned how thin on the ground new releases are at this time of year and the Nintendo eShop appears to be following the trent with a less than inspiring line-up this week. Hopefully there's something here to temp you but if not, there's always next week.

A tricky and entertaining puzzler is coming to Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DSi owners this week in the form of Doodle Fit. Your task may seem simple; fill each given shape with the allotted blocks, sounds easy enough but the correct combination won’t become immediately obvious. Rotate the blocks and try different combinations to complete each shape in its very own colourful doodle art style.

Aspiring fashionistas can practice their trade in Make Up & Style available via the Nintendo eShop and Nintendo DSi Shop this week. Become a make-up artist by using a series of realistic make-up tools. You can even practice on your own face in the game - simply take a picture of your face, place it onto a 3D face in the game and apply some make-up.

Puzzle fans can also enjoy Bobby Carrot Forever available on WiiWare this week. This charming 2D puzzle adventure challenges you to take control of the famous puzzle hare as he searches for the six golden carrots by solving puzzles, collecting carrots and making new friends.

Doodle Fit
(Gamelion Studios) Nintendo 3DS

Doodle Fit, the entertaining puzzle game, is finally here. Your task is simple: fit the given sets of blocks into given shapes. A level is complete when all blocks have been used and there's no more space free in the shape. The game features over one hundred different levels and almost 550 solutions in total giving hours of entertainment to puzzle fans.

Make Up & Style

(Cypronia) Nintendo 3DS

Become a make-up artist and allow your creativity to run wild with realistic make-up tools in Make Up & Style. Complete various missions and create thousands of different faces on the road to becoming a professional make-up artist.

Bobby Carrot Forever

(FDG Entertainment) Wii

Guide Bobby Carrot through hundreds of exciting levels, avoiding obstacles and collecting all the carrots to win. Can you uncover the secret of the six golden carrots and meet new friends who will help you on your way. Bobby Carrot Forever rekindles the age of classic console gaming with charming 2D graphics and simplified controls in an adventure that will take you through over 70 levels that last over 15 hours. You can even download new levels if you can’t get enough of the famous puzzle hare.

Posted on 09-01-2012 by Andrew


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