GBA Updated: F-Zero: GP Legend

The first real, non-Japanese information on F-Zero: GP Legend has arrived.

The first real, non-Japanese information on F-Zero: GP Legend has arrived.

New to the Game Boy Advance comes an advanced story mode for F-Zero: GP Legend. Players begin the game as a character called Rick Wheeler. As players progress through the Story Mode for Rick, they can unlock new characters ? including F-Zero favourite Captain Falcon, Samurai Goroh and the mysterious Black Shadow. Each story is accompanied by in depth cut scenes and dialogue that is unique to the perspective of each character. There are eight characters to unlock in total and 40 missions to complete in the Story Mode.

The game also includes a number of other additional challenging racing modes. The Grand Prix mode has three different skill levels and three cups in each to win while The Zero Test mode requires players to master all manner of racing techniques to progress through 48 challenges. For the die hard racers there's the Time Attack mode and a Training mode, in which players can perfect racing skills and shave off vital seconds to their lap times.

F-Zero: GP Legend is a single or multiplayer racing game for up to four players using a single game pak and four Game Boy Advances linked together. If each player has a copy of the game, then even more tracks and vehicles will become available to race.

Posted on 02-04-2004 by Dennis


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