NDS Aliens: Infestation Release Date

It appears that SEGA's Aliens: Infestation is experiencing a bit of 'slippag'e and the title will now make it's way on to European shelves this September 30th with the US date a slightly later October 11th.

Aliens: Infestation for Nintendo DS brings the action-packed experience of the popular ALIENS film series. Players will be able to recruit and play as 19 different marines, each with their own unique dialogue, and explore iconic environments including the Sulaco, the Derelict ship, and LV-426. Aliens: Infestation is an action-heavy side-scrolling exploration game and will be part of the ALIENS expanded universe.

Aliens: Infestation will pit players against the overwhelming Xenomorph hive using a vast selection of iconic weapons and tools from the series. Featuring character designs by popular comic artist Chris Bachalo and equipped with an upgrade and collectibles system, Aliens: Infestation will allow players to explore large-scale versions of some of the most fan-beloved environments of the iconic films.

Posted on 30-08-2011 by Andrew


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