3DS Reel Fishing Paradise 3D - New screenshots

Hooked on fishing? If so, head in to reel in some new screenshots of Reel Fishing Paradise 3D for Nintendo 3DS.

Reel Fishing Paradise 3D takes players to 15 stunning fishing locations in their quest to become master anglers. Fish in tranquil lakes, rocky coastal waters, flooded forests, and more, all rendered in eye-popping 3D that brings every leaping fish and splash of water to life.

A huge variety of fish will test the expertise of even the most seasoned fishing veterans, from wily largemouth bass to powerful bluefin tuna.

Mix-and-match rods, reels, lines, lures or bait to create your own personalised tackle box - collecting rare items is both advantageous and addictive, with tons of gear to discover and use.

With so much to see and do, Reel Fishing Paradise 3D is a game guaranteed to draw you into its depths! Reel Fishing Paradise 3D is a game that will have players hooked!

Posted on 18-07-2011 by Dennis


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