3DS Mahjong Cub3D - Trailer

Our friends at Atlus have released a new video on their upcoming title Mahjong Cub3D, of course for Nintendo 3DS.

Atlus today released a full video trailer for Mahjong Cub3D, an addictive, intuitive tile-matching game with captivating three-dimensional puzzle gameplay for Nintendo 3DS, set to release in North America this Summer.

The video gives players a glimpse into all three of the game's modes: Cube Mode, in which players will twist and rotate their view in order to solve the matching puzzle and clear the playfield; Vs. Mode, which allows for two players to go head to head to see who can clear their field faster; and Classic Mode, which offers a more traditional, zoomed out Mahjong tile matching experience. Through it all, the 3D effects make twisting and turning the camera to find every last tile combination a treat!

With 200 puzzles, three different modes and difficulty settings, plus the ability to compete head-to-head with a friend, Mahjong Cub3D will keep players coming back for more, providing an abundance of fun, replayability and value!

Posted on 26-05-2011 by Dennis


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