ALL Ubisoft's release schedule

Ubisoft UK has handed in a new release schedule for the upcoming months, including World Rally Championship 2011 for Nintendo 3DS and Strictly Come Dancing for Wii.

Wii June 16 - National Geographic Challenge! June 24 - Let's Dance with Mel B July 29 - The Smurfs Sept 02 - Driver San Francisco Nov 2011 - Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Pearl Earring Nov 2011 - Strictly Come Dancing

Nintendo 3DS June 26 - Cubic Ninja Q3 2011 - Driver Renegade Q3 2011 - James Noir's Hollywood Crimes Oct 2011 - World Rally Championship 2011

Nintendo DS July 27 - The Smurfs

Posted on 20-05-2011 by Dennis


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