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Here in the UK, it's a bank holiday, thanks to the beginning of the Easter break and today being Good Friday. Being the end of the week, this means another selection of offerings, from Nintendo, hoping that at least one will tempt you to download. Well, what do you think?

Ubongo is one of Europe's most popular board games. This week you are invited to experience the thrill of playing your favorite board game - all new and improved on WiiWare.

With its irresistible combination of fast cars, needy 80s celebrities and an over-thetop storyline, Nintendo DSiWare presents you with Valet Parking 1989 - a swanky recreation of old school Hollywood glamour. Go Series: Tower of Deus, also on Nintendo DSiWare, is a dramatic 2D game which invites adventure seekers to make their way to the top of the tower in order to break free from a deadly curse.

WiiWare - Ubongo (Korner Entertainment, 800 Wii Points)

Get ready for a brand new experience while playing your favourite board game on both Wii. The mechanic is simple; just solve as many puzzles as you can, collecting gems of the same colour. The original board game is a blockbuster in countries such as Germany, where over 1,000,000 units have been sold. It also won many awards, including the Best Family Game award in Sweden and Game of the Year award in Norway and Finland. Game modes include the History Mode where you take the role of Kanu to defeat the followers of evil Rifictus, leading him to victory. Modes also include Quick Game and Time Attack where you focus on getting the maximum number of gems within a limited time. The Multiplayer Mode allows up to four players so get your friends involved in the challenge.

Nintendo DSiWare - Valet Parking 1989 (Zordix, 500 Nintendo DSi Points)

Valet Parking 1989 combines fun driving with the humour and style of the late 80s. Park and deliver cars as fast as possible in this time management puzzle game. The setting is California, where glamorous celebrities let you park their radical sports cars and luxurious limousines. Play the movie-like story mode to unlock levels for endless play. Earn money to buy a cool car and drive to the beach in style. Don't let the VIP guests wait any longer, get your waistcoat on and push the pedal to the metal.

Nintendo DSiWare - Go Series: Tower of Deus (Gamebridge , 200 Nintendo DSi Points)

Overcome a deadly curse as you race to the top of the tower in this dark, atmospheric, 2D platform game. The only way to release the curse is to run, jump and fly your way to the top of the dreaded tower before the time runs out. There are 40 eerie levels with 10 types of gothic-style graphics, not for the easily scared or faint hearted.

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