3DS 3DS - Black Screen of Death - UPDATED

If you're happy with your new Nintendo 3DS make sure you keep an eye out for it, as several people (already) experienced what is now called the "Black Screen of Death".

Various gamers who recently got their new Nintendo 3DS experienced errors. While some errors end up with a simple hanging that's solved with a power-cycle, others claim an irreversible problem. So what's the deal here?

To be honest, no-one knows for sure yet. Most users claim that the error-screen appeared just a few times, others encountered it all the time forcing them to return the handheld to the store. Yet, other gamers managed to solve their problem by formatting the included SD-card using the FAT32 filesystem.

According to the various reports at popular forums of NeoGAF, AVforums and DigitalSpy, there's not a single 'reason' for the encountered problems either: some gamers noticed that their WiFi-signal went weak just before the error occurred, others got the BSoD while using the camera or Mii-application while yet another group got the error while playing Super Monkey Ball, Ghost Recon, Street Fighter IV 3D, Pilotwings or Lego Star Wars.

As to the time of writing this article, Nintendo has not yet officially responded on the issues. We're interested whether you've encountered any problems yet and if so, under which circumstances.

Update Nintendo has responded on the issues: The most recent firmware update should stand against the issue. However, as many gamers already pointed out in their original claims, the issues can also arise on firmware 1.01. Those still experiencing problems should contact Nintendo's customer service, according to the industry giant.

Posted on 28-03-2011 by Dennis


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