ALL Situation in Japan: games moved backwards

Those who didn't know about the current situation in Japan: stop living under a rock and head over to your favorite newssite. For those who do know: several games have been postponed, including Nintendo's Steel Diver.

The situation in Japan has its effect on people's lives, the economy and also the gaming industry (among many, many others). Whereas several companies have already turned off servers to save energy (Square-Enix for example), others are canning or postponing projects.

As is the case with Konami and Nintendo. According to retailer reports, both Steel Diver and Powerful Golf are delayed. While Konami is yet to confirm the delay, Nintendo already confirmed the delay of Steel Diver through the game's official site however without mentioning the earthquake as a reason.

source: Andriasang

Posted on 15-03-2011 by Dennis


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