WII 101-in-1 Sports Party Megamix - Facts & screens

We've seen them on Nintendo DS, now we get 101-in-1 Sports party Megamix on Wii. Today, we'll start with some facts and 10 screenshots. That's less that 10% of the amount of games included...

101-in-1 Sports Party Megamix offers gamers a collection of one hundred and one very addictive party-oriented sports games that anyone can enjoy, ranging from Tennis and Basketball practice, to Speed Racing and Skiing. You can play these games alone or enjoy them together with your friends and family. You can compete for best results and beat your own records! Have you ever dreamed about climbing a mountain? What about rowing on a beautiful lake? Or maybe you would like to practice your Baseball or Football penalty skills? This and a lot more can be found in this superb collection! Complete 101 games, using unique Wii control techniques, just like in real life! Set the high scores, unlock games; compete with your friends in this exciting sports games collection that will occupy you for days! There is practically no end to the fast-paced sports action!

Simple to play and addicting to master, these games will keep players engrossed in scoring goals, earning medals, winning races, and beating high scores. On top of all this, many games allow players to challenge up to 4 friends to multiplayer competition play, making 101-in-1 Sports Party Megamix a never-ending supply of fun and excitement!


  • 101 sports games, ranging from Tennis to Speed Racing to Rowing and many more
  • Dozens of party sports games for up to 4 players, to compete with your family and friends
  • Play in different game modes, including Multiplayer to determine the best player
  • Tens of hours of pure fun
Posted on 08-11-2010 by Dennis


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