NDS Scholastic announced two pre-schooler titles

Scholastic Media, a publisher dedicated to games for the younger children, has announced two new titles for Nintendo DS: My Amusement Park and Digging for Dinosaurs.

Scholastic Media today announced two new releases for Nintendo DS: My Amusement Park and Digging for Dinosaurs. Both games, designed for children between the ages of 5 and 8 years old, integrate learning benefits into fast-paced games and will be available in mid-November.

"Scholastic Media is delighted to introduce the 'Smart Games For Kids' line on Nintendo DS," said Deborah Forte, President of Scholastic Media and Executive Vice President of Scholastic. "Parents trust Scholastic to provide high-quality, safe entertainment for their kids and this line truly delivers that experience for the younger gamers in the family."

Players of My Amusement Park build and maintain their very own theme park, choosing from four original park plans and adding rides, food venues, and special attractions. Eight logic games and puzzles, each featuring three levels of difficulty, help players earn the money they need to build and expand their park. My Amusement Park offers children the creativity and control of a simulation game, while remaining age-appropriate and manageable for younger players.

In Digging for Dinosaurs, players engage in a variety of distinctive mini-games that range from simulated paleontological digs to dinosaur battles, all while learning interesting facts about 21 different dinosaur species. In addition, players can take on the perspective of dinosaurs -- Triceratops, T-Rex and Eoraptor, among others -- throughout the game, gaining extra insight and knowledge into what it took to live as a dinosaur millions of years ago. Each mini-game features three difficulty levels, allowing players to increase the challenge.

Posted on 02-11-2010 by Dennis


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