NDS Cave Story Makes Its Way to DSi

While we in Europe eagerly await the arrival of Cave Story for WiiWare, which has been out in North America for some time now, it seems that the game is on its way to the DSiWare service as well.

While no concrete details have been given on the game, developer Nicalis has confirmed that the listing in the recent edition of Nintendo Power magazine is correct and that Cave Story is indeed making its way to the DSiWare service.

Replying to the media, clamouring for answers after the listing was unearthed, Nicalis had this to say about the game, while also talking briefly about the European version of the game on WiiWare:

So officially speaking:Yes, there is a forthcoming Cave Story for DSiWareYes, it's really awesome and has Pixel's blessing; he recently played it a few weeks back and loved itYes, the EU version for WiiWare is still scheduled to be released; we commissioned Orioto to create this AWESOME Cave Story painting in celebration of both: Bang BangAnd the game is actually DONE, we're currently in final testing internally

With the DSiWare version now well on the way, hopefully a release date is announced for the European WiiWare service.

Source: GoNintendo

Posted on 23-09-2010 by Chris


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