WII Follow up Interview with Vblank Entertainment

We have had a follow up interview with Vblank Entertainment- developer of Retro City Rampage.

We have had a follow up interview with Vblank Entertainment- developer of Retro City Rampage.

Firstly, thanks for taking the time once again to reply to our questions. What do you personally believe is the best thing about Retro City Rampage?

It's just plain fun! That, and it taps into nostalgia like no game before it.

Did you play NES games and especially games like Retro City Rampage when you were younger? If so how did firsthand experience impact on your design choices for the title?

Super Mario Bros was probably the first game I played, or at least the first I remember. That would've been in the very late '80s. I've just always wanted to make my own version of games I love playing. They're all inspiring. Even before I knew how to program I would draw mock-up levels in MS Paint.

What type of ideas and mechanics did you incorporate into Retro City Rampage from older titles such as those on the NES, which are no longer seen these days- and what mechanics where added from future modern titles which lacked in NES period games?

You can jump on enemies like Mario, pick up objects (and people) to throw, and of course, get power-ups. I'm not sure if any of these things have completely gone away, but they're refreshing to most open world games. As for the flip side, you can properly take cover, unlike modern games.

Downloadable games- especially those on WiiWare seem to have trouble been noticed, how do you feel what you have done has made people notice your title and what sets it apart from others currently available? Do you also feel your PAX showing gaged a good amount of interest for this title and future titles like it?

I think the trick to WiiWare is to heavily market outside of WiiWare, PAX has undoubtedly been incredibly helpful in that. You can't depend on the storefront to sell your game, you need to get people to go to the store specifically for it. Going multi-platform also helps get it noticed and will help it reach more people, as well as make it more noticable to those who will be purchasing it on the Wii. PAX definitely showed the incredible interest for this title. I hope those "future titles like it" come from me ;)

The game contains a few pop cultural references here and there, can you elaborate on some of the more noticeable ones players will recognise and what was your reasoning in including them in the game? Do you feel that some of the references might be a bit over the top and not fit in the world you have created?

Everything fits. It's like a toon-town of pop culture. I've enjoyed reading posts people have made, looking at the trailer with a microscope and catching as many as they can. That alone shows you many of them.

The PAX demo contained two modes a Story mode and a free play mode, will there be any other modes in the game besides those two? I personally love cheating in sandbox titles and run around feeling like a God- will my dream be realised- and on that same point will there be cheats and other unlockable goodies? What about achievements?

You've got free roaming as in GTA, and from there can reach blips in the city to start both story missions and fast paced, score based arcade style "sprees". By the way, You can enter up up down down left right left right B A for all the weapons. You revealed before PAX that the game will appear on other platforms. Will the game see a retail release or are the other unannounced platforms for download services such as Xbox Live, PSN and Steam? It is planned to be a downloadable on all platforms. In a recent interview with 1UP, you stated that you've "already been discussing other possibilities with colleagues [...] and have plans for a diverse portfolio of titles which consists of of [your] epic three pillars!". Can you elaborate on those three epic pillars? What are they? How will we see those in a game? The three pillars (although a fourth has come up now too), are about the company's plan for a diverse portfolio. Doing future retro style games, non-retro, etc. MOre specifics will come out as future projects are announced, post RCR. WiiWare and other digital distribution channels are often regarded as "limited". Did you encounter any limitations with Retro City Rampage or do you foresee any problems with your ambitions for future titles?

The only limitations I see with the downloadable platforms are their inaccessibility to those without internet connections (though in this day and age, that's hardly an issue), and lack of a retail box for framing on my wall. But the second too was solved as I had boxes printed myself, haha.

You have announced that December will be a possible release date; do you have any idea on a more specific date? Has the game gone gold yet? Also on the same topic of release dates, any idea on a price range for the title yet?

No announcement on a specific release date. It's not gold yet. As for price, all I'll say is that it's a hell of a lot larger than Mega Man 9/10, and the final price (even if a bit higher) will still give you far more value.

Remember to check out the developers, Twitter, Facebook and Website for more information. We once again thank Brian Provinciano for his time.

Posted on 07-09-2010 by Trent


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