NDS Maestro! Green Groove Trailer and Screens

One of the better DSiWare releases, over the past few weeks, was Maestro! Green Groove from developers Pasta Games. This rhythm-based title is so addictive, we haven't played anything else all week now.

Blending two exquisite flavours, Maestro! Green Groove is a unique concept combining the standards of platform gaming with the pleasure of musical creation in a unique and astonishing way.

Lovingly crafted by Pastagames, in Maestro! Green Groove gives players the power to create a symphony with the touch of the Nintendo DS-stylus. Set in the deep, dark tropical forests of the Green Groove World, players take control of Presto a colourful music loving bird. Using the DSi stylus players strum, run and tap to the rhythm of a Bollywood musical orchestra whose reinterpretation of classics such as Beethoven's 5th Symphony, Chopin's Nocturne n2 and Dvorak's "New World Symphony" will drive you wild. Just like the world's best conductors, to move Prestro through Maestro! Green Groove players will need to stick as close as possible to the original composition to progress.

Featuring challenges including special strings, goofy enemies and crazy targets that need to be knocked down as fast as lightning, Presto will need to defeat his jealous rival Staccato and his spider gang in epic musical battles. Utilizing the Nintendo DSi microphone Maestro! Green Groove is one of the first DSiWare games to truly make the most of the Nintendo DSi microphone, allowing players to let their vocal cords loose with the melodies featured in the game.

Posted on 17-07-2010 by Andrew


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