3DS Vektor Tank 3D+ announced - 3D screenshots as well

Now here's a first: get a glimpse of what a Nintendo 3DS might show you, when you've inserted your future cartridge of Vektor Tank 3D+.

Developer Bplus shifts its main development focus away from WiiWare and on to a new platform - the Nintendo 3DS. The new handheld offers fantastic opportunities to create fresh ideas with new ways of presentation, leading to games that offer completely new experiences. With Nintendo 3DS the virtual worlds come even closer to the player.

Bernd Geiblinger, CEO and Art Director of Bplus, comments: "WiiWare was just the beginning - it was a fantastic way to get a foothold in the industry and it offered lots of opportunities to learn things and gather experience. Now, with new partners and a strong financial background, we gear up and fully set our focus on development of Nintendo 3DS retail games."

Today, Bplus announced Vektor Tank 3D+ exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. Being completely redesigned for the unique abilities of the new handheld system, Vektor Tank 3D+ will captivate players with its unique style, its novel approach to a classic genre and its innovative 3D+ control concept. Three all-new screenshots illustrate the evolution Vektor Tank has gone through since it was first announced.

Vektor Tank 3D+ is a Nintendo 3DS war action game for people of any age. It is focused on being enjoyable without the need for graphic violence. War is only in your head - in the future, war is not anymore fought on the battlefield but in a strictly virtual environment. No humans are really hurt, no buildings are really destroyed but in the cyber world no polygon will be left standing.

But what happens when an evil force infiltrates the system with a virus that threatens the very structure of the virtual world? What if real world piece is suddenly on the razor's edge? Then it is time for one very special weapon - The Vektor Tank.

Thanks to the completely new developed 3D+ control interface, your Nintendo 3DS becomes a virtual camcorder right in your hand. With the new handheld's advanced cameras and motion sensors, the game recognises every single of your movements and maps them directly onto the camera in the game. Watch around the virtual reality and aim for enemies and targets. Your Nintendo 3DS is your window into the cyber world.

But wait, there's more! Bplus's website holds a small application that allows you to view the three screenshots (also linked in 2D above) in a semi-3D way. By quickly moving several 'views', you get a general idea on what you may expect from a Nintendo 3DS (at least, according to Bplus). Take note though: the screenshots are still 2D. Only on Nintendo 3DS you get a chance on the full 3D experience.

Posted on 07-07-2010 by Dennis


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