NDS Advanced Circuits Demo

It's been a while since we've had a game demo of any sorts but now DSi developer, BIP Media, have released a flash taster of Advanced Circuits.

Are you ready for a new challenge with a train, a car or a tank? This brain-boggling puzzle game will put your powers of deduction to the test. Complete the circuits by connecting squares on the game board with pieces of track. Some pieces of track are already shown on the board at the beginning of the game to give you a head start. There is only one solution to each puzzle. The rules are simple but the challenges are tough! Challenge mode features 60 pre-defined game boards of increasing difficulty. Free Play mode lets you select the game board size and practice on any number of randomly-generated puzzles. 72 awards to be won. Also features a tutorial, hints and tips and even the solution if you feel like giving up!

Screenshots of Advanced Circuits for DSiWare

You can play it now by clicking here.

Posted on 05-07-2010 by Andrew


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