ALL BeyBlade: Metal Fusion - Facts & screenshots

Let it rip, as we've got some facts and screenshots of both the Nintendo DS and Wii version of BeyBlade: Metal Fusion.

The Bladers have returned for a shot at the World Beyblading Championships. The action is hotter than ever with each team bringing their enhanced spinning Beyblades to battle. Beybladers customize their Beyblades with different parts for winning strategies with offense and defensive abilities. In addition, each Beyblade is equipped with special attacks to fight with making no battle the same! Execute the Special Attack to inflict enormous damage to your opponent! Become the No.1 Beyblader by utilizing customization and special attacks!


  • Features actual characters from the BEYBLADE: Metal Fusion Animated Television Series
  • Battle modes and customizable settings make each competition unique
  • Battle modes and customizable settings.
  • Designed for Point and Click Controls that are perfect for the Wii Remote and the Nintendo DS Stylus
  • Link up with the DS and Wii versions to acquire rare blades!
Wii specific features:
  • Complete game-specific story with the original characters from the animation
  • 4 player Battle Mode competition against 3 other human or AI controlled enemies. Co-Op with allies or rally against one opponent.
  • Customize stadiums: Choose from various terrains and shapes to battle in
  • Save and carry the blades you create to your friends' houses using your Wii Remote

Nintendo DS specific features:

  • Voice commands using the DS microphone
  • 2 player Battle Mode competition via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection or wirelessly using one Game Card!
  • Supported with Beyblade enhancement function based on experience
  • Wi-Fi competition/ranking supported
Posted on 17-06-2010 by Dennis


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