3DS PilotWings Resort - Facts & screenshots

Wii Sports Resort has been a sandbox for Nintendo to try several new gaming elements. We've seen the swordfighting and archery for Zelda, and now the airplane-game turns out to become PilotWings Resort for Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo returns to air sports, this time at Wuhu Island - the setting for Wii Sports Resort and Wii Fit Plus. You can soar through the skies over the familiar island in a hang glider, jet pack or airplane, each with its own unique controls, its own distinct feel of flight and its own new game play in 3D.

PilotWings Resort offers a wealth of activities, challenges and game play for gamers of all tastes, whether you want to be soaring leisurely in the skies over Wuhu Island or flying competitively based on time and points.

PilotWings Resort features a breadth and depth of field that can only be achieved with the 3D effects of the Nintendo 3DS system, offering a feel and style of play never before seen in a flight game.

Posted on 15-06-2010 by Dennis


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