NDS Hudson re-releases Shooting Watch

Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap your way through the downloadable DSi version of Hudson's Shooting Watch: 16 Shot! Shooting Watch.

Hudson Entertainment re-introduces the Japanese retro sensation Shooting Watch to gamers everywhere, and on the go. 16 Shot! Shooting Watch is now available as a digital download for DSiWare for 200 Nintendo DSi Points. Players can test their button-tapping proficiency against the world record of Takahashi Meijin, AKA Master Higgins, who was officially clocked in at 16 shots per second.

"16 Shot! Shooting Watch combines portability with a simple and fun concept," said Mike Pepe, director of marketing at Hudson Entertainment. "This new and enhanced DSiWare version offers new features for more technologically savvy gamers, while keeping true to the original phenomenon."

16 Shot! Shooting Watch is an enhanced and portable version of the original Shooting Watch, which was released by Hudson Soft in 1987. 16 Shot! Shooting Watch offers a one button mode and two button mode, to accommodate players who prefer the "single finger" tapping style as well as those who stand by the "piano" style. The "Real-time Analysis" feature analyzes players' button-tapping speeds and offers real-time progress-tracking graphs. Player's best scores are recorded every time, and the top five scores are commemorated on the local leaderboard with signatures. 16 Shot! Shooting Watch also includes a relaxing slot machine mode and a stopwatch mode for everyday needs.

Posted on 15-06-2010 by Dennis


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