NDS Myst DS finally released

It took some time (almost 3 years to be exactly), but Myst for Nintendo DS is finally available.

Storm City Entertainment today announced the release of the updated, 2010 version of Myst for the Nintendo DS, the adventure classic that has captivated video game enthusiasts since its debut in 1993. The game has begun shipping and will be available immediately. Midway announced the upcoming release of the title, but things went a little downwards when Midway announced their financial problems. Now, nearly three years later, the title has been picked up by Storm City Entertainment and finally sees the release after all.

The Nintendo DS version of the game features improved audio and graphics, as well as a top screen map, which will make the Myst journey simpler, more fluid, and more fulfilling. "Myst is a video game classic in the truest sense of the word," said Steve Newton, President of Storm City games. "This improved and updated version of the legendary adventure adds increased playability to the game, insuring that it retains its relevance for a new generation of players as well as diehard fans of the title."

Using a special book, players are transported to the Island of Myst, where a world of fantasy and intrigue awaits players of all ages. This first person journey takes gamers through numerous "Ages," following clues in linking books that unlock worlds of exploration. Puzzle solving skills, as well as logical thinking and a true sense of adventure are needed to advance through space and time to solve the riddles of "Myst."

"We are very excited about bringing one of the world's most successful game franchises to the Nintendo DS," said Manny Granillo, President at Hoplite Research. "The highly-anticipated DS version not only includes all the production values and excitement that have made this title a timeless classic, but also includes the RIME AGE."

Look for "Myst" available now at major North American Retailers, and via online retail outlets such as one of our sponsors: Play-Asia (selling the game for a mere 26 euros).

Posted on 25-03-2010 by Dennis


  • Wow its finally released? Wow, didn't get released once before ages ago or something? Anyway I missed the delivery guy yesturday so I picked up Pokemon today- want me/can I do a review?

    Trent, 30-11--0001 at 00:00
  • So they've released a 2010 updated version of the game for the DS. But surely it's exactly the same version that came out a few years ago. I've got that one and have had the unfortunate privilege of playing it for reviewing. Really hasn't aged well at all.

    ganepark32, 30-11--0001 at 00:00

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