NDS iPhone's Car Jack Street on DSiWare

Developer Tag Games has launched their port of the iPhone title Car Jack Streets for DSiWare.

Tag Games has announced the launch of Car Jack Streets for the Nintendo DSi via the DSiWare shop. Launching today (15th March) in the U.S. it will be followed closely by a European wide launch on Friday March 19th. The cost will be 800 Nintendo points. Unfortunately due to German age certification laws the game will not be available in Germany.

Following on from the success of the iPhone and iPod Touch version now Nintendo DSi players are able to sample the delights of this critically acclaimed crime, action and driving game. Starring as Randal Meyers, a petty criminal with a long standing gambling habit and a streak of bad luck, the player must complete all manner of criminal and legitimate tasks to repay a $1 million debt to the Italian mob. Featuring a unique real-time game mechanic Car Jack Streets requires the player to pay back $50,000 of the debt each week or face certain death. It's a fight for survival in a city gone mad!

Paul Farley, Managing Director of Tag Games, said, "Car Jack Streets has been a great success for Tag both on the mobile and iPhone platforms. With the release of the DSiWare version we now look forward to reaching a much wider audience of gamers."

Tag Games working in collaboration with Strike Team Games have (with the exception of a reduced soundtrack and intro movie) succeeded in including all of the features of the iPhone game in a download that is less than 16mb in size! Farley continues "Car Jack Streets is a miniature marvel! Our technical team has succeeding in squeezing a huge iPhone game into a DSiWare download. What Nintendo DSi gamers are getting is all the fun and content of the original, but with a much improved control scheme and an 'always on' city map!"


  • Unique real time game-play
  • Infinite number of criminal and legitimate jobs to attempt
  • A huge and detailed 3D city to explore
  • Over 30 vehicles to steal and smash including a tank and helicopter!
  • Big weapons for massive explosions
  • City map and GPS system
  • Lots of achievements, frenzies and hidden stuff
  • Clowns
Posted on 15-03-2010 by Dennis


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