NDS 101 MiniGolf Gameplay Footage

We seem to be in the middle of a 'trailer day' this Wednesday and now developers Teyon are at it with some footage from their DSi title, 101 MiniGolf World, released next month.

101 MiniGolf World is the first "true 3D" miniature golf for Nintendo DSiWare!

Your stylus becomes the putter for an incredibly fun minigolf experience as never seen before! Play over 100 fun and challenging holes solo or with up to 8 friends on one console. What will be your record to finish all courses with the lowest number of strokes?

The intuitive 3D Virtual Play eases the use of controls with just a stylus to sink putts as you send your ball flying through loops, pipes, arches, extreme ramps and mind-blowing obstacles! With a combination of real golf rules and wacky MiniGolf fun, it's the ultimate challenge for Nintendo DSiWare!

You can view the game in action now by clicking here.

Posted on 17-02-2010 by Andrew


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