WII Have a Family Party with your Wii

Avoid the cold and ski lift queues with Family Party: 30 Great Games Winter Fun from D3Publisher coming exclusively to Wii this February.

Players do not have to be professional athletes to be the best in this game as Winter Fun offers a wide blend of winter themed activities featuring winter sports competitions, playground snow activities, and new brain freezing challenges. Family Party: 30 Great Games Winter Fun is under development by Tamsoft Corporation.

Family Party: 30 Great Games Winter Fun is the latest in the top-selling Family Party franchise, including Family Party: 30 Great Games and Family Party: Outdoor Fun. Winter Fun delivers hours of family entertainment on Wii where players can choose from over a dozen cute characters dressed head-to-toe in customizable winter outfits, and can participate in up to four player action including multiplayer co-op, available for the first time ever in the franchise. Players will be getting in the spirit of playing all-time favourite winter games and competing and unlocking games and challenges to achieve high scores and win medals!

Posted on 13-01-2010 by Andrew


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