NDS D3Publisher announces Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow

D3Publisher today announced that Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow will spread its shadow over the U.S. in Spring 2010, exclusively for Nintendo DS.

Developed by tri-Crescendo, the studio behind the acclaimed Eternal Sonata, Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow brings the Blue Dragon role-playing experience to DS players in the United States following the title's Japanese launch in October 2009. The game continues the series' contemporary approach to traditional Japanese role-playing games and is set two years after the original 2007 Blue Dragon story for the Xbox 360.

"We are thrilled to bring Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow to DS," said Peter Andrew, vice president of product development, D3P. "In the two previously released games, Shu was the main character, but now players can create their own hero and even choose to journey as themselves. We believe returning fans and new audiences will enjoy this unique element in the series."

For the first time in the series, the player can assume the role of the main character, choose the character's gender, and customize their look. The controls make it easy to customize clothes, hairstyles and facial details of the main character to fit the player's personality. The player can also upgrade equipment, weapons and armor, which are then visually reflected in the character's appearance.

Players can also change shadows in order to tactically overcome the game's many challenges and formidable bosses. Awakened from a long slumber, the new enemies bear some resemblance to Nene, the defeated adversary of the first game, a conundrum which leads the player, Shu, and friends into a terrifying fight to reclaim the lost shadows and restore balance to the world.

With an engaging story and a whole new level of strategy, Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow arrives on Nintendo DS in Spring 2010.

Posted on 29-10-2009 by Dennis


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