ALL The Ultimate Family Fortunes Countdown... Get Me Out of Here!

Once, there was a world of television and a world of gaming. Now, the border between the two worlds seems to diminish as Mindscape announces 4 new Nintendo DS and Wii titles based on television shows.

For those wondering what the title of this article is supposed to point out: it's a mix-up of four of the television shows Mindscape is bringing to Nintendo DS and Wii. Now you can bounce on Total Wipeout's balls, endure Bush Tucker Trials in I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!, and crush Countdown's Conundrum for yourself as Mindscape deliver all the fun and excitement of the country's biggest and best-loved TV shows exclusively for Nintendo Wii and DS.

As part of Mindscape's ever-expanding As Seen On TV line-up, 2009 brings the videogame debut of TV megahits such as Family Fortunes, ITV Studios Countdown, and ITV Studios I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!, all of which will be available for both the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. Also joining the line-up - which already boasts favourites Ready Steady Cook: The Game, Deal or No Deal and Golden Balls - is The Ultimate Red Ball Challenge, the official Nintendo Wii game of BBC's Saturday night smash, Total Wipeout.

Whether you're at home in Dictionary Corner, have the smartest family in the neighborhood, a thirst for fame, or an ear for a tune, As Seen On TV's range of thrilling games make the perfect gift for any family member or friend wanting to test their nerve, skill and knowledge in the comfort of their own home... and without the pressure of a live studio audience!

Family Fortunes (Nintendo DS and Wii) With the familiarity of the TV game show: sets, family teams, survey questions; even down to the instantly recognisable '"UH-UH"" sound from the scoreboard. Family Fortunes DS and Wii brings this family favourite directly to your fingertips! Introduced by Vernon Kay, two family teams of five members must guess what "100 people surveyed" had said, to a question. The 'Top answer' survey results are revealed on the big board and somewhere within the answers is a bonus prize!


  • 4 family teams available to play, solo player or two player modes with create your own family.
  • Play Single, Double or Big Money rounds for a bigger jackpot win!
  • Commentary supplied by Vernon Kay also characterized in game.
  • Music and iconic "UH-UH" and "bing" sound effects used in-game!
Countdown (Nintendo DS and Wii) Become a contestant in this popular TV game show and face an opponent or engage a friend in a battle of wits, competing against the clock in games of lexical dexterity and numerical agility!


  • The game includes 5 levels of difficulty from beginner to brainiac
  • Closely following TV show easy to play format, this game is guaranteed to have you addicted!
  • With 3 exciting game modes; play against a virtual opponent, practice mode or with friends as a fun Wii party game
  • 1000s of English words are included in the game to challenge your vocabulary skills
I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! (Nintendo DS and Wii) Extend the TV experience of this famous reality show by getting stuck into all the jungle action with these fantastic video game formats that will test your bravery and intelligence to the max!

In order to make it to the end of the game and be crowned King or Queen of the jungle you must develop strategies to look after the camp, complete trials and avoid being voted off as you would in the real show.


  • Wii balance board compatible for added realism.
  • Challenge up to 4 friends in a battle to be King or Queen of the Jungle!
  • Comprising of 24 games, 7 challenges and 5 mini games you will enjoy hours of gameplay.
  • Choose to play in either adventure or arcade modes.
The Ultimate Red Ball Challenge (Wii) The official game of the hit primetime BBC TV show 'Total Wipeout'.

Are you quick enough for the 'Qualifier'? Can you defeat the 'Dizzy Dummies' or bound across the 'Big Red Balls'?

Hosted by Richard Hammond, each game reflects the 'Total Wipeout' TV show environment and events, so you'll experience the wobbles, spins, thrills and spills first hand with the Wii remote controller and Nunchuk.


  • Your favourite obstacles from the BBC TV show 'Total Wipeout'....including plenty of mud!
  • Play through 8 Shows in Single Player Mode or Challenge up to 3 friends in Multiplayer Mode.
  • Create your own Show from the different rounds. Unlock obstacles and characters
  • 3D Characters with different personality traits, attitudes and behaviours.
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