NDS Hair Salon to be first DSi-only title for Europe

Publisher 505 Games has announced that their upcoming game Hair Salon will be the first Nintendo DSi-only title released in Europe.

505 Games have today announced that Nintendo has confirmed Hair Salon as the first Nintendo DSi only game to be released in Europe. The interactive title makes use of the console's built in camera, meaning the November 13th release date will mark the first time a boxed Nintendo DSi exclusive title will appear in stores.

Boxshot of Hair Salon

Hair Salon, developed by Sonic Powered, makes full use of the Nintendo DSi camera function. It is the perfect game for girls of all ages who are interested in the world of hair and make-up. By utilising the built in camera, players can take photos of themselves or friends and can create brand new looks and styles. Players can even become the in game character. Hair Salon is also the first game to use Automatic Face Recognition- a technical innovation that will automatically take a user's picture once their face is in shot, ensuring a picture perfect photo every time.

"505 Games have a long, successful history with the Nintendo DS platform so it is only natural that we would respond and adapt innovatively to the new format." commented Victoria Martin, Global Brand Manager for 505 Games. "Hair Salon offers a fully interactive hairstyling experience for young girls and we are excited to see how the consumer will react to the content we've produced for the Nintendo DSi"

Hair Salon will be published exclusively on Nintendo DSi by 505 Games and releases on the 13th November.

Posted on 13-10-2009 by Dennis


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