NDS Fabulous Finds - Facts & screens

Screenshots and facts on another Hidden Objects game for Nintendo DS, this time coming from THQ: Fabulous Finds.

Turn Your Trash into Cash! Discover Fabulous Finds throughout your house to sell at your yard sale. Your trash could be someone's treasure! The more you sell the more you'll have to spend on redecorating your house to turn it into your dream home.


  • Uncover Hidden Objects! Find treasures throughout your house, then play fun mini-games to sort and repair items to get the best price.
  • How Low Will They Go! Haggle with shoppers at the yard sale to get the highest price.
  • Solve Riddles! Use clues to help shoppers find the best bargains at your sale.
  • A Decorator's Dream! Use the money you earn at your yard sale to redecorate your housebuy new furniture, paint the walls and make it your own.
Posted on 21-09-2009 by Dennis


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