ALL Where the Wild Things Are - Screenshots

Just in time for the November release of Where the Wild Things Are, we got some screenshots on both the Nintendo DS and Wii versions to grab your attention. Now those are some weird looking creatures...

In conjunction with the release of the highly anticipated feature film from director Spike Jonze, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Legendary Pictures are working hard on bringing the Where the Wild Things Are videogame to both Nintendo DS and Wii. Today, we've got some screenshots on both versions

In the videogame, players assume the role of the rambunctious young Max and can explore the island of the Wild Things, journey across its dangerous terrain, overcome hazardous obstacles and battle fierce creatures. After landing his boat on the mysterious island of the Wild Things - Max quickly befriends the fearsome but loveable creatures and becomes "King of All Wild Things." He soon learns that the island is on the brink of destruction and that it's up to him and the Wild Things to work together to find a way to escape to safety before it's too late. Where the Wild Things Are is being developed for the Wii by Amaze Entertainment and for the Nintendo DS by WayForward.

Posted on 01-09-2009 by Dennis


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