WII Team6 Game Studios shows Wii titles

Even though we're pretty sure the Wii versions of these five new titles from Team6 Game Studios won't look as pretty as these PC renders, we're still happy to share the pretty pictures.

Dutch developer Team6 Game Studios has opened up a brand new company website today. As a bonus, the company also disclosed details on five upcoming projects for Wii.

Pacific Liberator Pacific Liberator is an all-action helicopter game that places you in the middle of the pacific. You'll be conducting aerial warfare versus fast and trigger happy enemies. Your adversaries will range from simple foot-soldiers to heavily armed tanks and from fighterjets to incredible carriers! You'll have to push your heli's to the limit if you want to stand a chance! During the action packed missions you will have to protect and destroy objectives. Beware when you open fire because everything you see can be blown up, including whole villages.


  • 18 singleplayer missions
  • Everything in sight is destructable
  • Control your helicopter with Wii mote and Nunchuk

Glacier 2 Glacier 2 starts at the very top of the Alps: Are you ready to reach insane topspeeds by driving down the mountains of death? While it goes faster and faster downhill, watch out for dangerous cliffs, dodge falling rocks, go aim your rockets, heat up your machine guns and deploy mines to take out your opponents and finish first place!


  • Over the top combat racing action!
  • 18 Freezing cold levels full of traps, cliffs, mines, falling rocks, canyons and spectacular jumps!
  • 7 tuned superrides, all equipped with various deadly weapons from rockets to machineguns, and from shotguns to mines!

Monster Trucks Mayhem Enormous tires, incredible, massive engine power and the shocking excitement of Monster Trucks has made it to the Wii (and PC)!

Get ready to race and roar in some real crazy, monstreous outdoor and indoor tracks, meanwhile destroying whatever lies on your path and smashing your opponents from the road.

Breakable objects and big jumps (airtime) result in more nitro boost for your seven terrorizing monstertrucks! Monster Truck will contain seven of these detailed landscapes: Canadian junkyard, City Centre Chaos, Desert rocks, Death Mountain, Manhattan Rooftop, Stinky Sewers and the Dark Volcano

Kyiv Chase Select the side of either the police or the criminals, and shoot & race your way through 20 deadly racing missions. Destroy all what lies in your path with rocketlaunchers, homing missiles, machine guns, gattling guns, mines, shotguns, cannons and more.

Speed Speed is all about, as the name suggests, speed! At various racetracks around the world you will prove you're the absolute master of fast reflexes time after time in this ultra fast, arcade racer. Can you handle the speed?

Posted on 02-07-2009 by Dennis


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