NDS Two New Reviews

We're off to the movies this Friday with two games based on big screen outings. Well, at least it feels like that and while one has been at the cinema over the past month or so, the other is, quite simply, a screen icon.

We've already reviewed the Wii version but Night at the Museum 2 also has a miniature version. It's common knowledge what most game reviewers think of movie tie-in games but that doesn't stop developers making them publishers, er, publishing them and you buying them. The Wii version hasn't been doing too bad, reviews wise, but what's this handheld version like? You can discover what we thought with our review of Night at the Museum 2 for the NDS.

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings features the screen legend in a new story which will no doubt please fans who were disappointed with last years Lego outing. Was this worth the wait though? Andrew is, again, the man with all the answers in his review of Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings for the NDS.

Posted on 26-06-2009 by Andrew


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