NDS Casper to haunt the DS and Wii once more

Casper's Scare School for Nintendo DS received a mere 4 in our review, yet Atari tries again with Casper's Scare School Spooky Sports Day. We'll haunt you with these first facts and screenshots today already... Update Apparently, the game is also set for a release on Wii.

Spooky Sports Day comes around once a year and this time Casper is determined not to let Thatch steal all the glory. Casper and his friends have been training hard to make sure that this year the prizes are shared more fairly!

Let the games begin!


  • Help Casper beat Thatch in a series of sporting events and stay ahead of the game
  • Hassle the humans in People Chase! Shout "Boo!" into the microphone to scare the 'Fleshies'!
  • It's a penalty shoot out with a difference in Goal Creeper. Hit the goalie to score!
  • Use the stylus to pull awesome skate moves in Scare Boarding!
Update Apparently, the game is also set for a release on Wii, as can be seen from the screens below.

Posted on 06-05-2009 by Dennis


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