NDS Two New Reviews

We did mean to post these at the weekend but, as it was such a great weekend of football, we kind of got wrapped up in the moment. Better late than never though.

It's difficult to be a DS owner and not have heard of Dementium: The Ward and the survival horror has been getting a great deal of coverage since it's US release last year. It's finally made it to Europe now but can a game really be that scary on such a small screen? You can see what we thought with our review of Dementium: The Ward for the NDS.

Blue Dragon Plus should need little introduction to all those Xbox 360 owners with the game being released as an exclusive, for the system, some years ago. The question is, just how well does it convert to a smaller, and less powerful, system? Find out the answers with our review of Blue Dragon Plus for the NDS.

Posted on 21-04-2009 by Andrew


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