NDS Two New Reviews

We where going to have a bit of a reviews bonanza over the Bank Holiday weekend but server problems put an end to that. We still did them though so, here they are.

Currently at your local cinema (and in glorious 3D) is Monsters vs. Aliens and as with the majority of Dreamworks CGI movies, it's been made into a game. Regular readers will know how we feel about movie tie-in's but is this one any different? You can see what we thought with our review of Monsters vs. Aliens for the NDS.

Back at the Barnyard: Barnyard Games is a little bit older put it still falls into the same category as Monsters vs. Aliens. Rushed cash-in or Quality Title? Find out the answers with our review of Back at the Barnyard: Barnyard Games for the NDS.

Posted on 15-04-2009 by Andrew


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