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With the news about Neves Plus for WiiWare fresh in our mind, Zoo Games fills us in on their plans for a Tangrams-based title: Hands On! Tangrams for Nintendo DS.

Tangrams are an ancient set of Chinese moving puzzle pieces that today entertain and challenge people across the globe. Dating back to well before the 1800's, these seven simple shapes or "Tans" come together to form hundreds of different figures with multiple solutions. The puzzle consists of two large triangles, one medium triangle, two small triangles, one square and one rhomboid. Tangrams have been used in classrooms around the world for generations to help teach basic math ideas. An all time classic puzzle that has a universal appeal to young and old, the serious and the light-hearted. Tangrams help to develop positive attitudes towards geometry, promote an understanding of basic geometric shapes and interaction and further shape recognition and organization skills. Using innovative touch screen functionality to test your perceptual proficiency, Hands-On! Tangrams bring manipulative puzzle solving to your Nintendo DS


  • Unique hand drawn art generating ten electrifying themes
  • Use the touch screen to solve the puzzles while improving perception skills and eye hand coordination
  • Create exciting scenes on the top screen after finishing all the puzzles in a theme; make the zoo come to life
  • Free play mode allows you solve the puzzles over and over gaining skill and earning better medals
  • Easy to learn game play with challenging puzzles fun for all ages
Posted on 21-03-2009 by Dennis


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