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We're so sorry, we forgot to inform you about 505's plan for a new brand on Nintendo DS and Wii earlier in the week. How could we have forgotten, knowing you would cherish the future Diva Girls series? Were we being divas ourselves?

505 Games has announced the launch of a new range of games aimed at pre-teen female gamers, featuring the characters from the hugely popular Princess on Ice. The new Diva Girls brand sees Kelly, Gabrielle, Alyssa and Madison embarking on new adventures as they chase their dreams of fame and stardom.

The Diva Girls brand sees a long term development commitment by 505 Games to create games which give girls aged between 6-12 a group of characters they can have fun with, as well as relate and aspire to. Girls who enjoyed Princess on Ice can play as their favourite characters in the titles and follow them through all-new adventures and experiences. Created by Italian artist Claudio Sciarrone the characters portray a sense of fun, fashion and cool, which girls will love. Each has then been meticulously recreated in stunning 3D by Japanese developer Arc System Works.

"Diva Girls represents one of the pillar brands of the 505 Games portfolio as we cement our position as one of the premier publishers of mass market interactive entertainment." Said Tim Woodley, Head of Global Brand "This new brand further demonstrates 505 Games' intention to build long term opportunity for itself and its consumer base"

The first set of Diva Girls titles launch in Spring 2009, with Diva Girls: Princess on Ice pirouetting its way on Wii, followed closely by Diva Girls: Diva Dancers on Nintendo DS. Upcoming Nintendo DS games : including Diva Girls: Princess on Ice 2 and Diva Girls: Making the Music (due in Summer 2009) : ensure there really is something for every girl's taste.

Diva Girls: Princess on Ice (Wii) Meet the Diva Girls for the first time on Nintendo Wii. Everyone's got their favorite but who will be yours? Kelly, Gabrielle, Alyssa and Madison are four young girls skating for glory in the Miracle Ice Festival. Incorporating a refined control system, lush 3D environments, as well as a host of arenas to showcase your ice dancing skills, Diva Girls: Princess on Ice promises to get full marks from the judges. Dress your favorite Diva Girl in thousands of combinations of customisable outfits then train hard to upgrade your skating skills to woo the crowd, impress the judges and be crowned Princess on Ice.

Diva Girls: Diva Dancers (Nintendo DS) It's all in the beat. The Diva Girls are heading to the bright lights of Fiesta City ready to bust some moves and enter the greatest dance competition in the world. It's not going to be easy though and along the way they must face-off against B-boys, bullies, princesses and showgirls. If they make it through then the girls must take on the hardest challenge of all and compete against each other : will their friendship survive?

Diva Girls: Making the Music (Nintendo DS) In this new installment of the Diva Girls, the four friends take a break from dancing to music and start making it themselves. After rehearsing hard, the girls are given their big break when a local band invites them to join them on tour. But will new girls Surya and Chandra become pop pals or rock rivals? Plus, is love in the air for one of the girls and can she concentrate on her music? Choose your Diva Girl's instrument then perform with the other girls in the band. Play at small open mic nights right through to giant arena tours, where the more crowd cheer the better the girls look. Success on the stage unlocks new outfits to wear and instruments to master.

Diva Girls: Princess on Ice 2 (Nintendo DS) The Diva Girls are skating back onto Nintendo DS. Cute Kelly, sassy Madison, bookworm Alyssa and classy Gabrielle are fresh from winning the Miracle Ice Festival. Now all they have to do is deal with the fame that goes with it. With improved 3D graphics and all-new stadiums to skate in, the girls have to step, spin and jump with style and passion if they're going to impress the judges and win over the crowds. Can they hold on to the coveted title of Princess on Ice?

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