NDS Avalon Code - US trailer and website

Today, Marvelous Entertainment and XSEED Games unveiled the first official US trailer for the upcoming action RPG Avalon Code.

In the official launch trailer, watch as time is winding down and the world is on a path to destruction. Playing as the main character, it is up to you to save all that is worthy of being taken into the next world. Use the 'Book of Prophecy' as a way to modify the rules of engagement during battle, by slamming the mysterious book on the heads of your enemies and other items of interest. By doing so, players can capture and alter monster and weapon attributes to their advantage.

Avalon Code is an action RPG boasting incredible graphics, innovative gameplay mechanics, and an epic story of the world's destruction and the player's task to create a new one. Choose to play as a male or female, affecting which characters to develop a romantic relationship with.

MArvelous Entertainment and XSEED Games also launched the official Avalon Code website, which can be found at www.avaloncodeds.com.

Posted on 19-02-2009 by Dennis


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