NDS 505 Games announces The Academy products

505 Games has officially announced the launch of a new range of games aimed at aspiring girl gamers, who have a passion for fashion or are budding beauticians.

As an extension of Fashion Designer: Style Icon, 'The Academy' is a selection of titles that will initially see players taking over their own beauty salon and entering the world of haute couture.

Alongside the previously announced Diva Girls brand, The Academy is an example of 505 Games' continued commitment to providing female console owners with interesting titles that feature characters that are realistic and provide inspirational role models. The range is also based around real world vocations, which are brought to life in imaginative and enjoyable ways.

The series struts down the catwalk first with Fashion Designer: High Fashion on Nintendo DS. A sequel to the hit game Fashion Designer: Style Icon, players once again take on the role of an amateur stylist trying to cut it in the tough world of haute couture.

Up next is Beauty Salon, which sees you opening up your own studio and dealing with a range of people that come in asking for different treatments. From learning how to properly apply lipstick to creating wonderful hairstyles, can you keep all your customers happy?

"At 505 games, we're dedicated to creating a broad portfolio of products that offer consumers a range of diverse and enjoyable experiences" said Victoria Martin, Global Brand Manager. "The Academy is the latest brand in our diverse line up, which offers female gamers a real-life and fun experience that they can relate to."

The first Academy titles will be available mid-2009, with more exciting games expected to follow; adding to the breadth of activities available in the range. With the Diva Girls and Academy brands working alongside each other, 505 Games is ensuring it is offering a wealth of fun and challenging experiences for young female gamers.

Fashion Designer: High Fasion Zoe returns with more fashion tips in the sequel to the best-selling Fashion Designer: Style Icon. Fashion is even more fun, with Fashion Designer: High Fashion. Significant feature improvements to the well-loved original deliver a deeper experience for every wannabe fashionista. The player once again takes on the role of the young designer who creates clothing for a host of customers and to ensure she's famous and successful in the glamorous world of haute couture.

Beauty Salon Become a star beautician by running your very own beauty salon. Master the art of hair-styling, cosmetics and massage... and above all, keeping your customers happy. Beauty Salon is the ideal game for girls of all ages who are interested in the world of makeup and fashion. It gives girls the opportunity to experiment with makeup and hair styles : something all girls love to do : while also learning techniques in style and application.

Posted on 12-01-2009 by Dennis


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