NDS Two New Reviews

While you've probably noticed the huge amount of games released for the DS this year you're probably not aware of the varying quality of most of them so we've been playing them night and day to bring you the very best in reviews and here are another two.

There's been a fair few classic remakes this year and Pipe Mania is yet another. The same old question remains though so is it worth shelling out for if there are so many free versions available? You can find out now by checking out our review of Pipe Mania for the NDS.

Need for Speed: Undercover should need little introduction and the series has gained three Christmas number one spots this decade alone. Is this one heading for the top spot and is it any good? Andrew takes it on a test drive in his review of Need for Speed: Undercover for the NDS.

Posted on 07-12-2008 by Andrew


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