WII Disaster: Day of Crisis - Sequel Could Occur

Monolithsoft, the developers behind Disaster: Day of Crisis, are wanting to make a sequel to Disaster: Day of Crisis but will Nintendo allow it?

It has been known that Disaster: Day of Crisis had a pretty rough development process over the past few years but the game has finally made it out to shops in Japan and soon it will be available elsewhere.

This may not be the only Disaster: Day of Crisis has Monolith, the developers, are wanting to make a sequel but Nintendo have said this will only occur if sale numbers are good.

But if a sequel is to occur don't expect it to be similar to the first Disaster: Day of Crisis as Monolith are known for doing RPG titles mainly and the sequel could be turned into an RPG.

Posted on 02-10-2008 by jofra01


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