WII Disaster: Day of Crisis Was A Development Disaster

Disaster: Day of Crisis isn't what it was intended to be has it suffered what some might called a development disaster.

Monolithsoft, the developers of Disaster: Day of Crisis, in 2006 were approached by Nintendo who gave them the task of developing an epic game for the Nintendo Wii within 9 months ready for it's launch. Monolith accepted the task but soon realised that the game they set out to create for the Wii's launch wasn't entirely what they expected as the game was boring.

Nintendo also realised this so before the Wii's launch the whole project was canned for a new strategy with some aspects of the canned title taken into consideration. The game was then delayed till 2008 and in 2007 development for the title restarted.

Many things were changed and some things were kept but the major difference is the current version of Disaster: Day of Crisis has WiiMote motion controls which the 2006 version didn't as it was only compatible with the classic controller.

It seems no matter how disastrous the development is Nintendo wanted to get this game out on our Wiis.

Posted on 02-10-2008 by jofra01


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