WII Disaster: Day of Crisis - New Details & Gameplay Videos

Disaster: Day of Crisis has been released and both details and gameplay vidoes have been released from people who have purchased the game.

Disaster: Day of Crisis has recently been released within Japan and details are being unveiled about the game by those who have purchased it.

It has been learned that both Ray and his weapons can be upgraded from SP which you either find or earn from helping people. BP is another thing that allows weapons to be updated and can only be obtained from killing STORM enemies.

The game has unlockable modes with one being known as Shooting Yard mode, this mode allows you to obtain special weapons.

The game does allow you to control the camera with the d-pad and you really have full control of Ray in every way.

Below are gameplay videos only released today that show more of Disaster: Day of Crisis.

Posted on 26-09-2008 by jofra01


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