NDS 7th Dragon - Details & More

Sega's mystery RPG game 7th Dragon has been confirmed for the Nintendo DS for a release in 2009.

A week ago it was revealed by Sega that they were working on a mystery RPG title which has been confirmed to be 7th Dragon, today however the title has been confirmed for the Nintendo DS.

Details have also been released concerning the title seen below.


  • RPG like game with command battles
  • Upto 4 people can be in a party at any time
  • Mainly fighting and killing dragons
  • 7 classes (Rogue, Mage, Fighter, Princess, Knight, Samurai, Healer)
  • Each class has four appearances to choose from
  • stats (LIFE, MANA, ATK, POW, DEF, INT, SPD)
  • Top screen = top-down map view
  • Bottom screen = conquest map
  • Release date set for Spring 2009
Posted on 24-09-2008 by jofra01


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