WII Redneck Invasion Led By Zoo Games

Zoo Games has announced a new title for Wii: Calvin Tucker's Redneck Jamboree. Developed by Humagade, the game promises gut busting, propane powered, deep fried, slam dang fun.

Get out your overalls and put your hair in pigtails - it's time for zany back-country fun and silly southern antics! Zoo Games, Inc. today announced the Holiday season release of Calvin Tucker's Redneck Jamboree for play on Wii. Featuring a comic, cartoonish art style, a healthy dose of redneck humor, and a series of ludicrously slapstick competitions, this multiplayer party game is sure to be a family night hit!

Join the fun at Calvin Tucker's annual field-day celebration, where families come from all over Redneck County to compete in a variety of countrified events. Rods and reels are for suckers - use TNT in the "Dynamite Fishing" game. Keep critters and vermin off your property in "Backyard Shooting." Or try your luck with the fastest vehicles in the county with "Lawnmower Racing."

"Everyone at Zoo Games wanted to create a family friendly game using the down-home themes that we all loved. Using the Wii Remote to toss toilet seat horseshoes or chainsaw through logs is an entirely new take on the Summer Olympics," says Zoo Games' Executive Vice President, Steve Newton. "Calvin Tucker is our ambassador of good-natured Southern Fun, and y'all are going to have an amazing time at the Jamboree he's throwing."

Developed by Humagade, Calvin Tucker's Redneck Jamboree will be available for gut busting, propane powered, deep fried, slam dang fun this November.

Posted on 03-09-2008 by Dennis


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