NDS Two New Reviews

Ironically, we've been paying so much attention to the Olympics that we didn't have the time to post these reviews. Still, if you happen to feel inspired, and want to set your very own, DS based, records the, here's your chance.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games was considered just another internet rumor when it was first announced. Of course, it ended up far more than that and while this was released some months ago it is officially endorsed by the Beijing Olympics but is it any good? You can see what Andrew thought of it all now by reading his review of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Gamesfor the NDS.

New International Track and Field is a reworking of the classic which was arguably the first game which gave most gamers RSI. It was great fun back then but have the developers managed to keep all those addictive elements in this 2008 edition? Andrew is, again, the man with the answers with his review of New International Track and Field for the NDS .

Posted on 23-08-2008 by Andrew


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