NDS Igor the Game: DS Screens

Only last week, we brought you the first few screens from this movie tie-in but, to be honest, it didn't give a great deal of hints as regards to the gameplay. Fortunately we've managed to get our hands on a bunch of new screens which do give, at least some, hints about what is going on.

Igor, the movie, follows a hunchbacked lab assistant named Igor (voiced by John Cusack) forced to serve a mad scientist while dreaming of one day becoming a notorious mad scientist himself and winning the Evil Science Fair. Other stars contributing their voice talents to the film are Molly Shannon (as Eva), Steve Buscemi (as Scamper), Sean Hayes (as Brain) and Eddie Izzard (as the maniacal Dr. Schadenfreude).

The Nintendo DS version utilizes the stylus to perform movement combinations, combat enemies and solve puzzles. Players can custom build their own monsters to take on puzzle challenges and battle against other mad scientists.

You can see the latest screens of the game in action now on our DS gamepage for Igor the Game.

Posted on 22-08-2008 by Andrew


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