NDS My Secret Diary - Secrets Revealed

Oxygen Games has opened their secret diary and spilled the beans on My Secret Diary for Nintendo DS. Finally you get to know what that one girl (or boy) was thinking about you...

Oxygen Games has released further information on the next game in this years range of MyGames. My Secret Diary, coming to Nintendo DS this autumn. Further complementing both My Make-Up and My Dress-Up, My Secret Diary offers the young female gamer real-world gameplay, personal and social play, and complete customization options. My Secret Diary offers a place to store secrets, keep in touch with friends, play mini-games and keep update with activities and events. Designed alongside My Make-Up and My Dress-Up all three titles feature exclusive MyGames Chat, where My Secret Diary, My Dress-Up and My Make-Up friends can all chat together. My Secret Diary and its sister titles; My Make-Up and My Dress-Up hit shelves this autumn.

Store your secrets, keep a journal and have fun with mini-games, or send secret messages and event invitations to keep in touch with your friends. Store and set reminders of special events for you and your friends, and update your calendar with friends' birthdays and details. Customize your profile and keep up to date with your daily mood monitor.

Play games; have fun with personality tests to discover what kind of friend you are, or what flower you might be. Play with fortune cookies and friend matcher mini-games to see who is most compatible. Check your aura ring to test your mood or consult your crystal ball for a look into the future! Everything is password protected so you won't have to worry about somebody finding your key. Send secret messages and event invitations to your friends, or sit back and chat with all of your My Secret Diary, My Dress-Up and My Make-Up friends with exclusive 'MyGames Chat' over DS Wireless Communication.

My Secret Diary provides a place to store secrets, keep a journal and have fun with mini-games. My Dress-Up offers players dressing-up, fashion and design whilst My Make-Up offers players their very own make-up box on Nintendo DS, where they can makeover, pamper and facepaint themselves and their friends. With the added benefit of all games working together with the exclusive 'MyGames Chat' feature : My Make-Up, My Dress-Up and My Secret Diary will be hitting shelves this autumn.

Posted on 10-07-2008 by Dennis


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